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Bjarne Stroustrup

During 1983-1985, C++ was written by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. C++ is an extension of C. Before 1983, Bjarne Stroustrup added some features to C and he called "C with Classes". He had combined the Simula's classes and object-oriented features with the power and efficiency of C. The term C++ was first used in 1983.

After first release, C++ was developed significantly. In particular, "ARM C++" added exceptions and templates, and ISO C++ added RTTI, namespaces, and a standard library.

C++ was designed for the UNIX system environment. Programmers could improve the quality of code they produced and reusable code was easier to write with C++.

Prior to joining Bell Labs, Bjarne Stroustrup had studied in the doctoral program at the Computing Laboratory at Cambridge University. Now, Bell Labs no longer has that name since part of Bell Labs became AT&T Labs. The other half became Lucent Bell labs.

Bjarne Stroustrup


C Programming Language and Algol68's Inspiration

Prior to C++, C was a programming language developed at Bell Labs circa 1969-1973. The UNIX operating system was also being developed at Bell Labs at the same time. C was originally developed for and implemented on the UNIX operating system, on a PDP-11 computer by Dennis Ritchie. He extended the B language by adding types in 1971. He called this NB for New B. Ritchie credited some of his inspiration from theAlgol68 language. Ritchie restructured the language and rewrote the compiler and gave his new language the name "C" in 1972. 90% of UNIX was then written in C. The committee that wrote the 1989 ANSI Standard for C had started work on the C Standard project in 1983 after having been established by ANSI in that year. There were quite a number of versions of C at that time and a new Standard was necessary.

C is portable, not tied to any particular hardware or operating system. C combines the elements of high-level languages with the functionality of assembly language and has occasionally been referred to as a middle-level computer language. C makes it easy to adapt software for one type of computer to another.

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